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It’s another terrific “Tuesday Talks” with guest bloggers Mike and Shannon Bowen of “Monster Mash Up” and “Monster Mobile Marketing”! This dynamic duo has been making a BIG splash as indie mobile app developers and also having a terrific app review website and community that supports some terrific non-profits doing some amazing feats! We are very honored to have established a fun partnership helping each other out online via Facebook and Twitter to create a fun community!

Here’s their terrific story and we appreciate Mike and Shannon sharing their wonderful adventure!

1)    About You:

Hello my name is Mike Bowen the indie developer that brought a comical yet useful note-taking application called Notes on a Roll to the iOS & Goggle Play stores. I had the privilege of working for a great company, Capabilities Inc. for 7 ½ years where we helped persons with disabilities to prepare, achieve, & maintain employment in our community. I left that agency to find my true calling to becoming a larger part of the app scene which was a lifetime dream to make games and cool stuff that people would use in the technology world. In my spare time away from my computer I also coach a local small fry football team with my step-father and have done so for the last 9 years. Something about giving back to as many people as possible is in my nature for the opportunities I have been given and the great connections I’ve made along the way.

2)    Your games, services and/or strategies:

Since entering the app world I have several projects all running at once that I oversee each aspect. Our first app, iPuzzledYa is a classic puzzle game for iOS devices where you can pull any image from the internet and share your completed puzzle via social networks. That lead to starting a second company Bonezales Productions which is a family based business where I created our favorite note-taking app, Notes on a Roll that has updated 5 times since its’ May 16th, 2012 release adding user requested features to better connect to our audience. Our latest venture we’ve been a part of is partnering up with a local friend of mine on an app review site @ Here is where we have recently launched a Monster Mash Up board to create a unique way to unify indie developers in a marketing / novelty idea. The strategies on the app end was to gain as much exposure as possible sending out countless emails to large companies and requesting articles to get our app out there in front of people that may enjoy them. Switching over to our latest Monster Mash Up project the strategy was simple, let’s create a review site geared more towards indie developers like myself and find a way to get them the exposure we deserve but don’t get due to smaller marketing budgets. Unifying indie developers to put their hard work & sometimes overlooked apps on display led to our Monster Mash Up project.


3)    What you’ve learned:

Living on both sides of the fence as an app developer as well as an app reviewer I have certainly learned a lot in a small amount of time. As far as the app developer end of things I’ve learned that staying positive, creating a good product, & not giving up are the keys to staying competitive in todays crowded app store. I learned quickly that listening to constructive user feedback and allowing their voice to evolve our app would enable us to provide the best product available that we could put out there for the world to see. On to the other side of the fence in terms of our Monster Mobile Marketing review site, I already had a leg up to knowing first hand how frustrating it can be to never get a response or any love from larger companies. This instantly turned our focus to great apps that fall through the cracks. We’ve learned that by helping out smaller developers and responding to each & every one of our emails & requests goes a long ways to attempt to even out the playing field with larger companies.

4)    Success numbers – ROI

Our apps Notes on a Roll & iPuzzledYa have both taken several thousand dollars in loses specially due to marketing dollars. We feel that Notes on a Roll especially has been an extremely useful note-taking app almost constructed by the users themselves with the features we’ve added based on user feedback and going as far as holding polls on what features users would like to see added. In terms of our Monster Mobile Marketing review site our ROI has been great given our Mash Up project was just launched December 15th, 2012. With that said though our goal for the Monster Mash Up board does by no means revolve around a ROI. Our main goals for this project is to create a novelty approach to marketing for smaller developers with smaller budgets & giving back to organizations that have given us opportunities in the past. Our other 2 donations of $5,000 will go to Toys for Tots and the last $5,000 donation will go to a charity chosen by the person or group with the largest pixel space.

5)    Tips for our audience/readers

My greatest tips for app developers are like I stated above to stay positive, listen to your user base, and do not give up. Your apps will only go as far as you make them go. My opinion is that the real work starts when you begin marketing your app and making it visible to the world. Like I’ve always said, “You can’t sell a million copies if a million people don’t know you exist.”

6)    Ah-Ha Moments

I’m currently still looking for that Ah-Ha moment but I think having thick skin & listening to your user base whether it be negative or suggestions is key to providing them with a great product.

7)    Contact info/links/website/twitter/facebook fan pages, etc.

Our app contacts are listed below. Enjoy.

Notes on a Roll iTunes Link:

Notes on a Roll Website:

Follow us on Twitter: @Bonezales

Facebook Page:

Monster Mobile Marketing Website:

Follow us on Twitter: @xMonsterMobilex

Facebook Page:

We’d like to take this time to thank all our users and fans as well as Love Fun Apps for their continued support.


Thank you Mike and Shannon Bowen of Monster Mash Up and creators of such fun apps! We hope you’ll visit their app review website and join in on their cause and download their apps!

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Top 5 Regrets of the Dying



I know this seems like a strange post topic for a Friday, however I am hoping to inspire you by truly being honest with yourself and living the life of your dreams. I stumbled upon Bonnie Ware, and she wrote a book about the top 5 regrets of the dying.

I like to live my life backwards. What I mean by that is when you are on your death bed, will you be happy and joyful that you lived a happy and very satisfied life? What kind of legacy are you leaving behind? I know it takes being a Zen monk — but constantly reminding myself during the day to appreciate every moment, being grateful and telling everyone and everything you love them. Hug and kiss more. Do what you are passionate about. Don’t live an empty life. You might regret it.

New Year’s Day was rough, our sweet precious dog Nalu passed at the ripe age of 14. As I lay next to him crying I had hoped that I was the best care taker in the whole entire Universe.  Did I hug and kiss him enough? Did he know how much I loved him? This event makes you appreciate every single breath, every single magical moment and every single person that touches your life. Be kind. Please live your life to the fullest. Live your life with no regrets.



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Guest Blogger – App Rooster!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! We are kicking off the brand new shiny year with App Rooster! We are very honored to have App Rooster be our guest blogger today! They are just gaining traction and they have a super site! Please visit their websites and contact Andrija Nikolic for any assistance with their services! Thank you App Rooster for everything you are doing to help the mobile app community!


1)    About App Rooster:

This is not story only about me. It is a story about international group of people joined together in one idea. Idea of making app video reviews channel – AppsRooster . But before I tell you more lets come back a little bit in the past.

2)    Your games and/or strategies:

All has started a year ago in my friend’s office. After long preparations and market research we have decided to produce apps for kids. This decision was made mainly because competition in this sector was low and we had good resources and contacts in children’s publishing industry. So after 5 months we made it. Our Farm Joy&Co. app was in iTunes store and selling quite well.

Here is link to check it out

We had ups and downs in marketing process but big boost was when announce that our app was chosen to be in the list of 50th best kids apps in USA for 2012 and that Farm Joy&Co was made 9th place in Educational category.

But we were not satisfied. Almost all app review sites ask us to pay for reviews, advertising prices increased couple of times and using PR services didn’t have much effect. As we saw same thing happened, and still happening, to the most of developers.   New idea was born. Lets connect all our friends from app industry and made app video reviews site, build close relationship with developers and help them to market their apps. Basic question was will reviews be free or not?

Answers was Yes and No. Since we want to help developers we decided to make free reviews but producing a professional videos have some costs, and that we need to charge. Then we called our friends from Israel, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, UK and USA and we start working. After 3 months we got it finally. AppsRooster is live and working on and on YouTube channel For one month of running we have made 25 video reviews, 2 special shows and made agreement with famous G5 Entertainment to produce branded show dedicated only to their apps for iOS and Android devices. Also we decided to publish free, all the time, PR stuff from all developer no matter are they small or big. So if you are one of them contact us any time.

3)    What you’ve learned:

Our team is international, people are speaking different languages, everyone is different too so you must be tolerate and accept them with all their imperfections no matter who they are. Respect them.

Be ready to work 24/7 and if you have one more job, like me you, are in trouble J. Find something that will push you forward every time you are out of energy or think there are no more things you can do. Off course the most important is support of your family and full understanding of things you do.

4)    Success numbers – ROI:

It is too early to say it. We are expecting first profits around first quarter of 2013.

5)    Tips for our audience/readers:

For app developers – allocate as much money to marketing as you can. Do detail research of reviews sites, forums, target audience, keywords, categories & app store SEO and spent money wisely. Launch day is most important day in your app life. Don’t waste it.

And every morning you wake up new marketing idea must be made.

6)    Ah-Ha Moments:

Every time I learn new skill. No matter is it from video production, site marketing, editing texts, etc.

7)    Contact info/links/website/twitter/facebook fan pages:

Or on

Thank you team at App Rooster for this terrific guest blog and we continue to look forward in supporting your efforts! Cheers to a terrific, prosperous and abundant 2013!

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Happy New Year! 2013!

Happy New Year Love Fun Apps Community! We wish you the VERY best in 2013! Remember thoughts become things and choose the good ones! We hope you’ll take the time to jot down a few goals you’d like to achieve in making your life better, happier and simpler. Remember you are leaving a legacy. We each can make a difference.

Our goals here at Love Fun Apps is to continue to make you giggle, keep you informed of all things Apple for your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod Touch and things new and tech related! Be sure to “LIKE” our fan page at

We hope to launch a few more great quality apps that keep garnering 5 star reviews from happy satisfied users like YOU! Cheers to the new year!!!!!


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Tuesday Talks – Carter Thomas!!!!!

Happy Holidays! And it’s a terrific day here at Love Fun Apps! Today we have Carter Thomas, Founder of Bluecloud Solutions! This indeed is an amazing holiday gift!!!!! If you have not heard of Carter, and you are in the mobile app business, you are missing out!

Carter Thomas is the voice behind Bluecloud, blogging and consulting in the mobile world. He owns and manages over 65 iPhone apps (mostly games), many of which he designed and  marketed himself. He has mastered the ability to leverage web marketing and monetization into the hottest new market on the planet, creating some of the most innovative strategies the iPhone world has seen. Beyond the app market, Carter owns three other companies in the retail, direct marketing, and internet marketing.

Bluecloud LLC is a USA based iphone app marketing company that specializes in iPhone application monetization and high powered web strategy. The business is built on providing a full web solution for businesses.

Carter often does guest posts and high level consulting for mobile companies, usually involving explosive marketing and monetization methods that result in large, cake-driven office parties and Hawaiian shirt Fridays.

When he’s not doing that, he works with top tier clients, manages his own app empire writes blog posts, and travels.

Carter also offers a free downloadable “4 Hour Apps” on his site and please sign up for his newsletters at:

Thank you very much Carter for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us!

Carter was very gracious with his time and here’s a few questions I asked Carter if he wouldn’t mind answering!

1) What he’s learned

2) Success numbers ROI

3) Tips for our audience and readers

4) Ah-Ha Moments

Just click below for Carter’s 15 minute audio interview! ;0)

Cincopa WordPress plugin



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21 Things To Remember!!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone! I thought today we’d be a bit more inspirational, especially during the holidays and everything that is happening globally. It’s easy to fall into the trap of stress, unhappiness and thinking you don’t have enough or you aren’t good enough. Take a deep breath…breathe in love and breathe out peace. You are exactly where you should be and be grateful for every single thing.

So during the next couple of weeks, please remember these 21 things!

21 Things To Remember

  1. No one can ruin your day without YOUR permission.
  2. Most people will be about as happy, as they decide to be.
  3. Others can stop you temporarily, but only you can do it permanently.
  4. Whatever you are willing to put up with, is exactly what you will have.
  5. Success stops when you do.
  6. When your ship comes in…. make sure you are willing to unload it.
  7. You will never “have it all together.”
  8. Life is a journey…not a destination. Enjoy the trip!
  9. The biggest lie on the planet: “When I get what I want, I will be happy.”
  10. The best way to escape your problem is to solve it.
  11. I’ve learned that ultimately, “takers” lose and “givers” win.
  12. Life’s precious moments don’t have value, unless they are shared.
  13. If you don’t start, it’s certain you won’t arrive.
  14. We often fear the thing we want the most.
  15. He or she who laughs……lasts.
  16. Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints.
  17. Look for opportunities…not guarantees.
  18. Life is what’s coming….not what was.
  19. Success is getting up one more time.
  20. Now is the most interesting time of all.
  21. When things go wrong…..don’t go with them.


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Tuesday Talks – Benny Hsu!!!!!


We are honored and delighted to have this week, guest blogger Benny Hsu! Benny is a true inspiration and success story! We connected shortly after I saw a video interview with Benny and he continues to inspire the mobile app community! Please check out Benny’s apps, I have found them to be of high quality, unique and very inspirational! Please also take time to visit Benny’s website and I encourage you to sign up for his newsletters they are jam-packed-full of wonderful wisdom and motivation!

Heeeerrrrrreee’s Benny!

About Benny Hsu:

My name is Benny Hsu and I’m a blogger and appreneur. I’ve been developing apps since January 2011.

I have three apps now: Photo 365, Gratitude Journal 365, and Life Quotes.

What you’ve learned:

Just developing an app is half of the work needed. The other half you need to make sure people find your app and know about it. You can’t just develop an app and expect people to find it. If it’s a great app people will want to share it. A bad app can still get a lot of downloads, but those users won’t stay around long. Word of mouth is the best marketing but they need to find it in the first place.

Success numbers – ROI:

In 16 months all my apps have earned about $70,000, with the majority of that coming from Photo 365.

Tips for our audience/readers:

First develop an app the market wants. Don’t just develop the first idea that comes to mind. If you have it in your budget, start off with a simple app. You’ll learn a lot from developing your first app. You’ll also be able to see if your developer and designer do great work.

Sometimes your first app isn’t going to be a success. Rovio developed 51 games and nearly went bankrupt before Angry Birds. I now understand developing apps is a numbers game. Put out as many apps as you can within your budget, find out which ones stick, focus on those and pay less attention to the rest.

Once your app is live, experiment with it. Rarely will you get everything right the first time. Some things you can experiment with are the app name, keywords, description, icon, price, and category.

Photo 365 was 99 cents for a year. Sales were a bit low on it so I raised the price to 1.99. I found after that my revenue and downloads actually increased! So experiment different pricing structures. 99 cents isn’t always the obvious choice for paid apps.

Ah-Ha Moments!

Mine would be seeing seeing sales of my first app, Photo 365 after the first month. I had earned $30,000 and I knew this was a business I wanted to invest my time and money in to. There is potential for people with no programming or design skills to earn extra money selling apps or even making it a full time business.

Contact info/links/website/twitter/facebook fan pages, etc.

Thank you very much Benny for taking time to be our guest blogger here at Love Fun Apps! We will continue to follow your success and wish you the VERY best! Cheers!

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What’s your legacy?

This is my favorite poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson. My rant today is about living your life with passion and embracing that what you think you create. We all can make a deep impact on this beautiful world. You choose your thoughts, your actions and you decide whether or not to pursue your dreams. I say live life like today is your last day. Pass this on.

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Tuesday Talks – Matt Palmer!!!!!

Hello Love Fun Apps Community! We are so stoked to start our “Tuesday Talks” and our very special guest blogger is Matt Palmer of Marketing Your App! We magically stumbled upon Matt Palmer while searching for Podcasts on Apple iTunes! We highly recommend you listen to Matt’s Podcasts, check out his two programs 1) App Traffic Academy 2) App Blueprint Launch. Why? Because he’s helped successfully market over 100 mobile apps so he knows what he’s talking about! Matt offers a free downloadable “App Profits Road Map”. Thank you Matt for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the mobile app community!

Tuesday Talks – Love Fun Apps

1) About Matt Palmer

Matt Palmer is the founder of Marketing Your App, a mobile marketing company that helps iPhone, iPad, and Android developers make their apps successful. He is a graduate of MIT and an experienced online marketer for the technology industry.

2) Advice on gaining exposure and marketing strategies

While there are many, many marketing tactics out there, I’d say the one thing they all have in common is how you focus on the customer. Ask yourself two questions: WHO are my customers and WHAT is in it for them?

Once you know who your audience is and what benefits your app gives them, your marketing gets much easier. Then you can figure out how to reach them – by advertising on websites they visit, joining social media they like, even what keywords to use in the App Store so you’re found.

Often, developers try to do it in reverse – make an app marketing plan before really knowing their customers.

3) Tips for the audience

There are many easy ways to promote your app! Even if you’re a solo developer or small start-up, there is much you can do yourself or without a big budget.

Don’t overlook these marketing activities because often they can produce big results when combined with the other work you’re doing to promote your app.

Here are just a few ideas to get started…

  • Be an active member of Facebook and Twitter with your app’s pages
  • Optimize your presence in the App Store by testing different keywords
  • Spruce up your app’s screenshots to show your best features
  • Show your app in action with a video on YouTube
  • Get reviews from popular app review websites

4) Ah-ha moments

After helping market over 100 mobile apps, I came to see that there are a lot of wonderful, inventive apps out there that more people should hear about. Developers are always coming up with such clever ideas! But with so many choices out there today, many great apps get absolutely buried.

My “ah-ha” moment was that it’s really all about traffic. Getting eyeballs to your app. It’s the solution for any type of app or game, or developers who feel “stuck” in the App Store without getting the visibility they want.

So, I started to write down all the ways I’ve seen drive traffic to apps. And that’s why I created the App Traffic Academy course with AppClover… to focus on what I see as the #1 challenge for appreneurs.

5) How readers can contact you, your website and marketing info

For more mobile marketing tips, check out There, you can download the free guide App Profits Roadmap and listen to the Marketing Your App podcast. You can find out more about App Traffic Academy at

Thank you very much Matt for taking time to be a guest blogger here at Love Fun Apps! We are one of your biggest and happiest fans!!!!!

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Best App Ever “Bargain Award”!!!!!

Hello Love Fun Apps Community! We’ve entered our delicious tasty eye popping digital candy Grand Gems Calculator App in the “Best App Ever” Bargain Awards! Please vote for us by clicking this link and clicking the button on the page to nominate our app!

Thank you for your love and support!

Starting next Tuesday, we are starting our “Tuesday Talks” and we have an amazing guest blogger!!!! Tune in for more!

Thank you!



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