Guest Blogger – Dina Kyle!!!!!

We are honored to have our guest blogger today for our “Tuesday Talks” Dina Kyle of “A Byte-Of-This-N-That”! We e-met Dina on their FaceBook forum that helps promote indie mobile developers with their mobile apps! Here’s Dina’s story!


1) About You

I am a stay at home mom of 3 children – 4, 18,21 and 2 step kids 11, 13. My background is legal/construction claims but was laid off 2 years ago. This was a blessing because I had to care for my youngest, Aiden is on the Autistic Sprectrum and lost his speech and stopped eating at the age of 18 months. Although we got him help from the Early Intervention, working with him one on one has made a big difference. I was determined to get him to talk so I got out my iPad and started to learn all about it. Before that is was just a tech toy for me to play games. Little did I know what it can really do! I searched for days and found apps for speech and connected with FaceBook pages and began my journey to where I am today. My heart filled appreciation goes out to all the awesome developers who I came to know and Love. Today Aiden’s speech is improving and he is talking, not to the point of a full conversation but he is getting there.

2) Your games, services and/or strategies

I am Not a developer, but I do work for one and run my own website and FaceBook page. I work all over the Social Media.  I am an Admin for Abitalk ( FaceBook and Owner of A Byte of This -N- That. We market apps and products. We are a family page and post educational, recipes, crafts, etc links.

3) What you’ve learned

I have learned that Apps, although look like games can have an educational value. If you put your heart and soul into something you believe, anything is possible, if you do not believe in yourself, you will never succeed. Most of all – People amaze me, I found the most beautiful, kindhearted people who I am proud to call my friends on FaceBook.

4) Success numbers – ROI

I have 950 followers on FaceBook, between my personal and Group I have over 1000 followers on twitter. I am also expanding into many other Social Networks.

5) Tips for our audience/readers

Follow pages like mine. You learn so much from them.

6) Ah-Ha Moments:

My life is an AH- Ha Moment! Being a mom of a Special Needs child, you never know what the day brings. I would not have it any other way!

7) Contact info/links/website/twitter/FaceBook fan pages, etc.



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Thank you once again Dina for taking the time to share with us your story! We hope you’ll visit Dina’s sites and join the groups!

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